Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Top 10 College Football Stadiums I want to visit

In honor of college football season starting (and I will be spending the 4th of September in Atlanta at the UNC/LSU game), I am making a top 10 list of places I wanna go to a football game at that I have yet to go to. LET'S DO IT SON.

ps - If anybody sees this list and freaks out, remember that this list says that "I have yet to go to." I've been to Ben Hill Griffin, Neyland, Bryant-Denny, Kenan Memorial, and even good ol' Barker Lane in Buies Creek, North Carolina.

pps - I love lists.

10. Scott Stadium, Charlottesville, Virginia

University of Virginia

Virginia and North Carolina is called one of the oldest rivalries in the South, and this would be an awesome place to go for an away game.

9. Folsom Field, Boulder, Colorado

University of Colorado

Colorado is definitely not a great football team on the big scheme of things, but Colorado the state is awesome and I would love to go here just to see the views and be in the area. Sweet.

8. Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

University of Michigan

The Big House. 109,901. That's a palindrome. And that's the biggest football stadium in the world.

7. Jordan Hare Stadium, Auburn, Alabama

Auburn University

The Plainlands has one of the nicest looking stadiums in the SEC. Auburn is also doing better in football recently, and I hear that the folks there are real nice. Perhaps the Iron Bowl?

6. Memorial Stadium, Clemson, South Carolina

Clemson University

This place is orange AND purple. Awesome. Plus, Clemson is supposed to have a beautiful campus and intense football fans. They've got the Howard's Rock thing that they rub for luck before the game, that's kind of odd...but then again, the Gators rub a dead alligator head. Anyways...I wanna go to Clemson.

5. Husky Stadium, Seattle, Washington

University of Washington

This is considered to be the most beautiful stadium in the NCAA, as well as one of the loudest. Those huge overhangs cause some intense reverb. Plus, Washington is really far away and it might be like going to a foreign country...kind of.

4. Mountaineer Field, Morgantown, West Virginia

West Virginia University

Morgantown is in the middle of nowhere, and it gets cold in football season. I think it would be awesome to go and hang out with the crazy people from WVU and see a football game. Sounds like a good time.

3. Sanford Stadium, Athens, Georgia

University of Georgia

Upon my recent transition to Georgia, I moved about 4 hours closer to Sanford Stadium, home of the Bulldogs. Sanford is famous for blackouts, where the whole stadium and the team shows up in black. 90,000+ in black. That's intimidating. Plus, I hear it's loud. Time to go to Athens. October 9th, versus UT, perhaps...

2. Autzen Stadium, Eugene, Oregon

University of Oregon

I'd really like to go to Autzen for a night game in the late fall. Maybe even the Civil War game against Oregon State. I just think it would be a blast. It's surrounded by beautiful country side, and the stadium itself is awesome looking. Plus, the crowd is supposed to be intense. Awesome.

1. Tiger Stadium, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Louisiana State University

I had a guy cut my hair in Atlanta before I went to the Chick-fil-A Bowl in 2009. He told me he went to LSU one time, and he could feel the stadium moving because the crowd was so loud. Wild cajun people, blazing humidity, all under hot lights in Death Valley? Yes please.

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Anonymous said...

Ever been to Lane Stadium? Why waste your time in Charlottesville where they treat football as an eloquent, for-the-privileged-only event. Polo maybe, but football? Give me a break. You want to see the best of the ACC, then Clemson, FSU and VT are the places to go. At least come for Enter Sandman!